2E22 PA needed

Richard Arland, W3OSS richard.arland at VERIZON.NET
Wed Sep 27 21:39:34 EDT 2006

Well, gang, Breck, K4CHE came through for me at the Gilbert MRCA Meet. He found the offending sticky relay, and got my GRC-9 going!! Many thanks, pal. 

HOWEVER, I still need a 2E22 final amp tube badly. The one I have does work but at reduced output and it still rattles (not a good sign).

So....does anyone out there in MilCom land have a good 2E22 that they would like to find a good home for? If so, please contact me off-list and we'll talk.

73 Rich Arland, W3OSS
MSgt, USAF, Ret.
Military Pro-sign: "Alpha Romeo"
USAF Tech Controller for 20 years!
Fuchu "Water Walker" 68-70/74-79
Lajes Field 70-73
3rd Herd 73-74
"Flintlock"/SOTFE 79-84
Langley AFB 84-87

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