[CC-AWA] Looking for rare knob

Ron Lawrence KC4YOY kc4yoy at CAROLINA.RR.COM
Sun Apr 22 20:33:17 EDT 2007

Ron Lawrence KC4YOY wrote on April 14th.
> Hello again, this is my semi regular wanted posting
> for a much needed knob.
> http://radioheaven.homestead.com/grknob.html

Well it looks like I'm out of luck on finding this knob.
It's been just over a week since I posted the above
message, there have been almost 500 visits to the web page
with the photos.
Out of all that I got one response from someone saying they
had 2 of the needed knobs and would sell them to me for
$75. I asked him to send me close up photos so I could make
sure they were right before I gladly paid him.
It took several days to finally get the pics.
The only similarity between the knobs I needed and the ones
in the photos is that they were black and round, other
than that they weren't even close.

I guess short of a miracle happening, I'm outa luck.

Many thanks to all those that have been searching their
junk boxes.


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