ARRL Withdraws RM-11306

Bry Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sun Apr 29 09:07:18 EDT 2007

> Repeater coordination is sort of between the two. Repeater coordination is technically voluntary, *but*, if an uncoordinated 
> repeater causes QRM to a coordinated one, FCC will side with the coordinated repeater.  

The same should work on HF but FCC so far has not done anything of any 
substance in response to the many complaints from CW ops and narrow bandwidth
keyboard mode ops.

> But HF is a different world than VHF/UHF. And while a repeater must ID in a way that is easily understood, digital requires a lot 
> more equipment.  

In some ways yes, but HF required repeater co-ordination just the same. 
Remember the 10m FM repeaters.

> That's the biggie, right there: If a digital station appears to cause intentional interference, how are those who are QRM'd 
> supposed to ID the QRMer? Particularly with a proprietary mode?

It is de facto intentional becaise they do not CARE wo they QRM and there is 
no one there to listen first and see if a QSO is in progress.
The station interrogating (and thus activating) the robot may not be able
to hear the QSO in progress between say a pair of weak signal PSK63 stations 
on 20m that are out of his skip range, YET they are within perfect skiop range for 
the robot to totally step on them.
It happens all of the time to MT63, PSK31, PSK63 guys and other 
lesser-known experimental digital modes. SO who exactly IS thwarting 
the development of digital modes? Quite possibly Winlink and ARRL with some 
of your membership dollars.

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