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Sat Aug 11 19:40:18 EDT 2007

Forwarding for Bob...

I was collecting Doc, and had no reason to sell other than I had items I
didn't need.   I lost my son.  He had no insurance,etc. I lost on a real
estate investment at the exact same time... now I'm liquidating... I'm
67 and getting older each day... hi.
Oh well, that's life.... I've found that even though I "thought I had to
keep it", I really don't...
Sorry to hear about your loss.  I can see where your incentive is
lacking.. but TRY, TRY, TRY, no don't TRY... DO IT... keep your spirits
up...  God Bless you.  Bob  W5UQ....  Tampa
> Lewis C. Emerson wrote:
> Guys and gals,
> Over the past six months or so I've gradually been unloading my 60+ 
> year accumulation of
> ham gear - lotsa parts as I was big into building many years ago.
> I lost my sweetheart of 61 years last week and the pressure from the 
> children is gonna build to
> downsize prior to a major move in the months ahead.
> I've enjoyed being a member of this list for some time, but wonder if 
> it's the right one to
> list FS items that are not truly "Boat Anchors".
> At some point I'll be listing some real oldies - like my S-19R 
> Hallicrafters Sky Buddy,
> but for now it'll be just be parts.  Is there a better place (or list) 
> for these?
> Guess I'll start with a pretty large collection of panel meters, 
> mostly analog, but a few digitals too.
> Would appreciate advice from anyone.
> Doc, W4ITJ

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