DX-100 question

Jim Bromley, K7JEB k7jeb at COX.NET
Thu Aug 16 11:04:19 EDT 2007

Garey Barrell wrote:

> 2.  That pretty blue glow, that pulses with keying or modulation. 
> Unfortunately, it's relatively unseen inside the DX-100 cabinet,
> although you can lift the top of the B cabinet!  NO other rectifier
> offers THIS "feature".  3B28s offer the efficiency, but are essentially
> dark in operation.  SS rectifiers are more efficient, losing less than
> one volt per diode, but ...  YUK!  NO GLOW!

I've often wondered if this could be simulated in solid-state, plug-in
replacements for 866's, 872's, 8008's, etc by passing the rectified
current through an array of ultra-bright, blue LED's situated radially
up near the top by the "plate cap".  You would get that nice blue glow
that fluctuates with modulation and an indication that both rectifiers
are working.

The plebians among us would just wire up a blue Christmas-tree light
across the 110-volt primary winding of the HV transformer and put it
in back of the Valiant or DX-100.

(Tongue firmly in cheek)

Jim, K7JEB

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