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Rick Brashear rickbras at AIRMAIL.NET
Thu Aug 16 10:27:03 EDT 2007

Congratulations, Bruce!  There is nothing like the glow of a boatanchor!


Hi All,
I've been slowly restoring my Johnson Valiant over the past few months, it's
almost done, just need to finish painting the cabinet, then load it up to
the Dipole. 
All the talk about the 866 rectifier tubes brings me to add in my two
I took out the solid state rectifiers and added the original mercury vapor
tubes. Why?
I just like the fact that it is now completely original, the way Johnson
designed it, and it's just plain COOL!  Or maybe HOT if you look at it from
another perspective!
21 or so tubes glowing like that is not something you see hardly anymore, I
had no trouble finding tubes for this 1950's marvel of engineering. My
friends here on the site sent me stuff for FREE to get it repaired and ready
for some nostalgic QSO's
I've also got 50's Jukebox with scads of tubes, man, what great sound. This
stuff just blows the doors off anything made today. 
Just for kicks, I put it on the AC variable supply, it shows almost 2 amps
just sitting there powered up - I figure upwards of 200 watts. So?  I don't
care about that.
I've had more fun messing with these old boat anchors, I've got my eye on
the spider web covered SP600 over in the corner of the shack. It's next for
the resto bench.
73's Bruce

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