DX-100 question

Jim Bromley, K7JEB k7jeb at COX.NET
Thu Aug 16 14:21:37 EDT 2007

Bob Groh WA2CKY wrote:

> I know your suggestion was done (somewhat) in jest 
> but it is really a cool idea!  Looks are part of the appeal 
> of our gear and so why not have a simulated 866 et al 
> with better electrical performance but still with the 
> 'look'!!   I have often said that I would like an old-fashioned 
> KW amplifier with a window in the front so I could see 
> the plates turning cherry red when I hit the key.  The 
> 'simulated' rectifiers really (I'm being serious here, guys!) 
> do sound like a neat idea.

Glad you liked the idea, Bob.  It would be kinda fun to
see how far the idea would go.  I'm thinking the best
configuration would be to have 10 - 20 LED's in parallel
with current-equalizing resistors to balance the load,
and maybe a big zener across the LED's to prevent
excessive voltage drop across them.  Also give the whole
plug-in replacement module a 'May West' shape just
like the old 866's.

You've also given me another inspiration:  simulated
anode incandescence in solid-state amplifiers using
red and orange LED's.

Jim, K7JEB

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