DX-100 question

Jim Bromley, K7JEB k7jeb at COX.NET
Thu Aug 16 14:47:11 EDT 2007

Ha, ha!  Yeah, those would definitely be the ones to use.
My thinking about putting them in series with the B+
was that they would 'pulsate' with modulation.  But a
current-sensing, low-ohmage resistor in the ground
return plus some op-amp driver magic would produce
the same effect.

Jim, K7JEB

Scott Johnson wrote:
> If you want authentic color, use the so-called"UV" LED's, they are
> actually a deep violet, and look a lot like a Hg glow.  you could
> probably power them with rectified filament power.  run them in
> individual series strings at about 5mA, should look quite authentic!
> Scott W7SVJ

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