Smallest Dual-6146 HF Transmitter?

john johnmb at NC.RR.COM
Wed Aug 22 21:27:25 EDT 2007

At 09:56 PM 8/22/2007, kd4e wrote:
>I am looking for a compact dual-6146 transmitter,
>preferably 160-10M, or something with a dual-6146
>final that I can modify.
>It must either be designed to handle AM plate modulation
>at 100W or have enough room in the final RF section for
>me to modify it.


I think you're in for a hunt! I can't think of any of the dual 6146 rigs 
that will do what you ask, with out the hernia. Viking II, Apache, 
DX100...all herina makers, so that let's out Johnson and Heath. If you're 
willing to settle for a single 6146 (only half an S-unit down, remember) 
the Ranger would fill the bill. While it may not induce a full hernia,  it 
might raise your voice an octave or so, but it's a fine rig.

As far as I recall, neither Eico, Knight, Swan, Yaesu, or Eldico made a 
dual 6146 rig, plate modulated AM. Now... the Mighty Meck might fit the 
bill, but its dual 6L6s modulated by another pair, as I recall. Not too far 
off the mark, but hard to find...I've only seen one in person and I bought 
it. I think Rocket Man owns one too. It's not nearly as hefty, but crystal 

John K5MO 

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