Smallest Dual-6146 HF Transmitter?

kd4e doc at KD4E.COM
Wed Aug 22 23:45:35 EDT 2007

I have used a TR-7 on 75M AM and the guys could not tell that it
was not a plate modulated rig - one of the best rigs ever made!

This project is to fulfill an adolescent dream for a nice strong
sounding all-tube plate modulated AM rig.

I will likely have to make some severe mods to something to get
where I want to be!  If I can just find something with dual 6146's,
room for the rf components, and a sturdy supply the rest is 'easy'.

Modifying a Drake T-4 is an interesting option.  As I recall the
power supply is pretty sturdy.

> I don't know if I should suggest off-the-wall alternative but I got nice 
> reports when I used to check into the Midwest Classic Radio Net on 75 
> using my Yaesu FL-101/FR-101 twins.  Some of the early Yaesu stuff does 
> nice AM (as the popularity of the FT-101 series with the CB types would 
> indicate) but it is low level modulation.  But it would be suitable for 
> use with an external linear amp.  The Drake 4 line series (the separates 
> cover 160 while the TR-4 series is 80 through 10 only) also does a good 
> job on AM.  I often use my Drake TR-7A/R-7/L-7 on 160 AM.  If you are 
> looking for semi-portable you will probably need to modify your "search 
> parameters" a bit.
> 73 and good luck,
> Rodger WQ9E


Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E

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