Smallest Dual-6146 HF Transmitter?

Rodger wq9e at DTNSPEED.NET
Wed Aug 22 23:15:40 EDT 2007

Hi Doc,

It sounds like homebrew is the way to go for you!  Then you can build 
exactly what you want with the right physical layout and materials and 
have fun doing it and of course some of the older ARRL handbooks are 
full of inspiration for this type of project.  I have on my list of  "to 
do's" a couple of projects from the old Radio Television News magazine 
from the 50's.  One is a cute little "portable" transmitter using a 6BQ5 
built into a small wooden carry case.  Another was a series of articles 
that showed the construction of a true beginner type separate 
transmitter, regen receiver, and power supply all using "hardware cloth" 
for the chassis.  Not exactly a work of art but an interesting beginner 
station that would be fun to duplicate and operate.  Among the more 
impressive construction stories was a copy of the Viking II built by a 
TV station engineer and his workmanship was beautiful.  In the followup 
issue he presented a station control (monitor, calibrator, metering, 
switching facilities, etc.) built into a matching case.

I agree that the TR-7 does a very nice job on AM.  I haven't used my 
Yaesu twins on AM in a few years since I generally use my Ranger/Desk KW 
or a Viking 500 but they definitely are not easily transportable rigs.  
I have an FT-897 that goes camping with me though I have never tried AM 
on it, it gets used strictly for CW.

Good luck with your adventures!
73, Rodger WQ9E

kd4e wrote:
> I have used a TR-7 on 75M AM and the guys could not tell that it
> was not a plate modulated rig - one of the best rigs ever made!
> This project is to fulfill an adolescent dream for a nice strong
> sounding all-tube plate modulated AM rig.
> I will likely have to make some severe mods to something to get
> where I want to be!  If I can just find something with dual 6146's,
> room for the rf components, and a sturdy supply the rest is 'easy'.
> Modifying a Drake T-4 is an interesting option.  As I recall the
> power supply is pretty sturdy.
>> I don't know if I should suggest off-the-wall alternative but I got 
>> nice reports when I used to check into the Midwest Classic Radio Net 
>> on 75 using my Yaesu FL-101/FR-101 twins.  Some of the early Yaesu 
>> stuff does nice AM (as the popularity of the FT-101 series with the 
>> CB types would indicate) but it is low level modulation.  But it 
>> would be suitable for use with an external linear amp.  The Drake 4 
>> line series (the separates cover 160 while the TR-4 series is 80 
>> through 10 only) also does a good job on AM.  I often use my Drake 
>> TR-7A/R-7/L-7 on 160 AM.  If you are looking for semi-portable you 
>> will probably need to modify your "search parameters" a bit.
>> 73 and good luck,
>> Rodger WQ9E

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