Smallest Dual-6146 HF Transmitter?

kd4e doc at KD4E.COM
Wed Aug 22 22:40:54 EDT 2007

Found a little info online about the Meck transmitter.  Interesting.

Since I have the modulator I just need to find the 100W RF section
and power supply that can handle plate modulation ... add a good VFO,
mixer, oscillator, buffer, driver ... hmmmm.

Wonder if those crazy CB guys made a 'lineer' like that in the past
that could be resurrected for legitimate Ham use.

Receive side is no problem.

> I think you're in for a hunt! I can't think of any of the dual 6146 rigs 
> that will do what you ask, with out the hernia. Viking II, Apache, 
> DX100...all herina makers, so that let's out Johnson and Heath. If 
> you're willing to settle for a single 6146 (only half an S-unit down, 
> remember) the Ranger would fill the bill. While it may not induce a full 
> hernia,  it might raise your voice an octave or so, but it's a fine rig.
> As far as I recall, neither Eico, Knight, Swan, Yaesu, or Eldico made a 
> dual 6146 rig, plate modulated AM. Now... the Mighty Meck might fit the 
> bill, but its dual 6L6s modulated by another pair, as I recall. Not too 
> far off the mark, but hard to find...I've only seen one in person and I 
> bought it. I think Rocket Man owns one too. It's not nearly as hefty, 
> but crystal controlled.
> John K5MO


Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E

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