Smallest Dual-6146 HF Transmitter?

Rodger wq9e at DTNSPEED.NET
Wed Aug 22 22:25:05 EDT 2007

I think you are in for a bit of a hunt also.  Most dual 6146 rigs (even 
those that are "low level" AM like the HT-32) are going to be very heavy 
and won't include 160.  The Knight T-150/150A is light but is controlled 
carrier AM and doesn't cover 160.  The Ranger suggested by the other 
poster is compact but it is going to be expensive since they seem so 
desirable now.  The DX-100/Viking II/Valiant rigs would only be 
considered portable by an NFL lineman.

I don't know if I should suggest off-the-wall alternative but I got nice 
reports when I used to check into the Midwest Classic Radio Net on 75 
using my Yaesu FL-101/FR-101 twins.  Some of the early Yaesu stuff does 
nice AM (as the popularity of the FT-101 series with the CB types would 
indicate) but it is low level modulation.  But it would be suitable for 
use with an external linear amp.  The Drake 4 line series (the separates 
cover 160 while the TR-4 series is 80 through 10 only) also does a good 
job on AM.  I often use my Drake TR-7A/R-7/L-7 on 160 AM.  If you are 
looking for semi-portable you will probably need to modify your "search 
parameters" a bit.

73 and good luck,
Rodger WQ9E

kd4e wrote:
> I am looking for a compact dual-6146 transmitter,
> preferably 160-10M, or something with a dual-6146
> final that I can modify.
> It must either be designed to handle AM plate modulation
> at 100W or have enough room in the final RF section for
> me to modify it.
> It must include a power supply suitable to the application.
> No industrial size hernia-makers need apply, I need this
> to be semi-portable.  (I guess that means an efficient
> design on an aluminum chassis.  It's best if the PS is on
> a separate chassis.)
> Based on what I have learned these past few days it seems
> best that I abandon my quest to plate modulate my Heathkit
> HW-100.  Sigh.
> I will bring my HW-100, & the HP-23b PS/SB-600 Speaker, and
> SB-610 scope (the scope is not functioning, may be the crt)
> to TARCfest in Tampa this Saturday - to sell or to swap for
> what I need.
> Sure appreciate all of the wise counsel - I learned a lot!

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