RME 69( Radio Manufacturing Engineers)

Rodger wq9e at DTNSPEED.NET
Tue Aug 28 20:30:26 EDT 2007

Hello Hans,

I am not sure if my previous email made it to you due to issues with my 
ISP's email interface...

Congratulations on buying the RME-69.  It is one of my favorite 
receivers and I live about 30 miles from the original RME factory.

The crystal circuit in this radio is a filter and not an oscillator 
circuit.  Using the crystal increases the receivers ability to operate 
when there are other nearby stations as the crystal adds additional 
selectivity beyond that provided by the IF transformers.

 Many receivers (such as Hallicrafters and National) made the crystal 
optional so if the owner wanted to use a crystal filter they had to 
purchase the crystal separately and it allowed the purchaser to save a 
few dollars on the original purchase price.  I am at the office and away 
from my manuals but I believe that the IF frequency of the RME-69 was 
originally set up for 465 kilohertz but doublecheck the documentation to 
be sure and as long as the crystal you find is within +/- 5 kilohertz of 
the specified IF frequency you can realign the IF transformers to the 
crystal frequency.  Of course you don't have to have the crystal at all 
if you don't plan to use the crystal filter and if you are planning to 
use the receiver mostly for AM/SW broadcast then the crystal filter will 
be of minimal use.  You can find the manual for this receiver on the 
BAMA website and it explains the crystal filter circuit.

 I hope this helps.

73, Rodger WQ9E

Previous message from BOATANCHORS/Han Sparreboom

I recently bought the above radio, because it has nostalgic value to
me. One of these was used by the Dutch Resistance during WW II. I was
born in Holland shortly after the war, but I now live in Alberta,
I fiend of mine has repaired quite a few radios for me over the past
several years. He is a retired electronics instructor at a college.
However, he is unable to repair this particular radio. In one of his
emails to me he wrote the following:

"... I put a .002 value capacitor across the crystal pin socket
with the crystal pulled out and then that oscillator circuit will
free run. I did try that and it would not run
so there is no point in buying a new crystal if the circuit where it
is going to go is not working." (end of quote).

The crystal filter is a Bliley crystal filter unit, type CF1 (I?).
serial # G13801. It is (was) made in Erie, PA
If there is any boatanchor enthusiast, preferably in Canada, that
would be able to help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

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