RME-69 Receiver

Mike Langner mlangner at SWCP.COM
Tue Aug 28 20:51:41 EDT 2007

Hello all!

Many, many years ago when I was a teen-ager (I'm now a "senior citizen") I
used an RME-69 as the receiver in my HF amateur station -- K5MGR.

To me, the receiver was "OK," but not great.

Apparently RME had the same opinion, as it brought out the DB-20
Pre-selector for the RME-69, which made a HUGE difference in sensitivity and
immunity from spurious (image, among others) responses.

I didn't have the preselector, so I made do with the "barefoot" RME -- which
was perfectly given the state of the art in the 1950's. MY RME was, I must
admit, rather microphonic if one tapped the cabinet!

If you can find the DB-20 Pre-selector or if you use one of the easily found
Ameco amplified preselectors, you'll be extremely pleased with the
receiver's performance.

A picture of and information about and photos of the DB-20 (and a bunch of
other vintage receivers) can be found at

Enjoy your RME receiver -- it's a great classic!


Mike Langner
Albuquerque, NM

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