Best place to discuss Knight T-150a?

kd4e doc at KD4E.COM
Wed Aug 29 11:32:19 EDT 2007

It is true that many list members have vast knowledge that
is common to boatanchors and many others have mixed brands
in the radio collections.

For archival purposes, especially to ease finding info about
specific gear, cross-posting from the general lists to the
rig or brand-specific lists makes some sense.

When a discussion is in-depth about a specific rig it may
be wise to move it to a rig-specific list - those who are
interested can follow and participate there without boring
the rest.

Once my T-150A arrives next week I am sure to have many
questions specific to the rig and to the modifications I
have in mind.

> On 8/28/07, kd4e <doc at> wrote:
>> Other than here on the generic boatanchors lists is
>> there a list specific to Knight gear, especially the
>> T-150A transmitter?
> Doc, part of the problem is fragmentation of the general interest into
> groups that specialize and thereby miss many others who know and use
> the gear, but just don't specialize in it. More people collect and/or
> use a mix of 'boatanchor' classic gear in general than simply one type
> or model. I'd strongly suggest you stick to lists like this that are
> all-encompassing, as the collective knowledge and experience is
> greater.
> I don't know what issue it was in, but Joe WA2PJP had a great article
> in Electric Radio a while back about refurbishing some old Knight
> gear. That would be a good starting point, and I can send you his
> email address if you have questions.
> ~ Todd,  KA1KAQ


Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E

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