Bob Peters rwpeters at SWBELL.NET
Fri Dec 7 21:29:45 EST 2007

Hi Guys, This just came over the MARS Group. Really too bad!!!


I just finished talking to the Peter Dahl company and was informed that

Peter Dahl Co. is going out of business 12/31/07.


Apparently Peter is very ill and he has let the business fall apart.

This will be a big loss to ham radio. His products were the best and no 

one else is picking up the slack. In all probability will see something 

from the Chinese on the market in the future. Another piece of America 

and Ham radio gone forever!




Very Best 73's
Bob W1PE
The Voice of Mesquite

"Money is only temporary, but radios are forever" - Jim Little aka "the
old dog"/K5BAI


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