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Thu Dec 20 21:40:37 EST 2007

Touch-control lamps have long been on the short-list
of RFI-vulnerable and RFI-generating devices.

I have copied this to the two RFI-related Ham lists.

> I have an RFI issue in the house here... I was wondering if 
> anyone else has seen this...
> I have a tall torchiere in another part of the house, and it 
> is the type that you can turn on by TOUCHING the vertical 
> bar. If you touch it repeatedly the britghtness changes too.
> The only problem is that my rig turns it on too! In fact, with 
> every DIT oir DAH of CW it either changes the brightness
> or turns it on/off.
> I am getting this on 40m, 30m and 20m CW. The antenna is an 
> end fed random wire with an L-network tuner, upstairs on 
> the second floor. My "ground" is a wire to the screw on the 
> wall plate. Not great I know.
> I haven't tried other bands yet!
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks & 73 - Bry, AF4K


Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E
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