[Swan] FS: Hallicrafters, Heathkit, RCA, Swan , B&W, Vibroplex and Other Goodies

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Fri Dec 21 19:17:20 EST 2007

This particular AK-5 is one of the rarer versions. 
Note the groove around the front about 3/4 inch back
from the front.  The vast majority of AK-5 speakers
have smooth sides.  I have been informed that about
100 of this model was made before Heath dropped the
groove to save a few cents.  My AK-5 is one of these.

Here is the URL for the replacement Heath emblems:


Glen, K9STH

--- David Hollander <n7rk at cox.net> wrote:

Here are some items for sale.  Prices do not include
shipping.  I will ship overseas.
Heathkit AK-5 Speaker for Heathkit RX-1
Receiver.....$90 plus shipping This is the matching
speaker for Heathkit RX-1 Mohawk Receiver and they are
not seen very often. The speaker sounds good and is in
nice shape however it is missing the Heathkit logo.
Repro logos are available.


Glen, K9STH

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