a sheep in wolfs clothing,2 b or not 2 b

spalletta spalletta at RCN.COM
Tue Dec 25 22:48:27 EST 2007

A Interesting thing happen to me that i want to share with some of you 
fellow hams , I went to my yearly Christmas party and was intrigued with 
a an array of beamed and yagi and quads on a nearby house, and quietly 
waited for a chance between songs and story telling to excuse myself for 
a small walk outside, then i made a mad dash to the house i saw all this 
when driving  there earlier, I knocked on the door and was happy and all 
practiced on the introduction when the party answered the door but i was 
dismayed when they didn't know what i was talking about or what a HAM 
operator (radio amateur)  was, more careful tactful probing found that 
they owned the home for many years making it more perplexing I even took 
the person outside to view the antennas i mentioned , only when she saw 
them she said oh those !  then went and got her uncle who then 
enlightened me. alas i was let down again it seems he is a CBr and was 
worried i was going to narc on him i said all i wanted to know how the 
antennas performed in actual use in our area but in the real intended 
use not modified, wow did i chase the wild goose on christmas! maybe the 
next one will be real and will be home and polite and understanding and 
a REAL ham operator, oh well maybe next time.
 Cheers you All , 73s Phil K1PAS
ps the antennas work real well apparently with 500 watt amp and  a 
cobra  he talks to new Zealand  from Calif.

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