Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Mon Dec 24 15:21:54 EST 2007

You can use the RME VHF-152 converter with the
SX-101A.  Just set the SX-101A on 7.000 MHz and then
tune with the converter.  However, the converter is
really not that stable for SSB.

I have an RME VHF-152A.

Frankly, I am a "sorta" converter "Junkie".  I have
around 30 tube type converters for 50 MHz, 144 MHz,
222 MHz, and even 432 MHz.  Those include miniature
tube and nuvistor types.  The majority of those
converters were made by Ameco but I also have WRL,
International Crystal, Heath, Techcraft, Centimeg, and
several homebrew.  When I find a tube type converter
for a reasonable price (or for trade) I seem to "latch
onto" it!

Glen, K9STH

--- Chris <boatanchors at PEOPLEPC.COM> wrote:

I have a RME VHF-152 converter and wasn't sure if I
would be able to use it on the SX-101A or not...I
apologize for all the questions as I am not all that
familiar with the VHF converters...Thank you to all
for your help...Chris

Glen, K9STH


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