Hosstraders Flea Market is no more!

J Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Sun Feb 11 14:30:04 EST 2007

Yep, that's what happens. You have someone that plans and organizes
an event that everyone loves to attend, for years and years.
But of all those that love to attend the event don't care enough to step
and help the ones that have been doing it for all those years.

I have attended virtually every HossTraders since it's beginning, for
years as a seller, but more recently as a buyer only. I can't ever
remember the organizers asking for help, except when some power
transformers disappeared. On the flea days, there always seemed to be
plenty of Shriners around in return for which they got lots of money for
their charities.

Everybody wants to go and enjoy the event, but no one wants to do the
work it takes to make the event happen.

I think that there are people around who would have been willing to
carry on, had the option been offered. Maybe more radio stuff will now
migrate the the MIT Fleas, but I doubt it somehow.


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