ARC-5 Command set Maintenance Handbook

Michael Waldrop w5rkl at YAHOO.COM
Thu Feb 22 14:31:59 EST 2007

For those ARC-5 command set users and restoration folks, here's a link to the
  ARC-5 Command Set Handbook. The file is in pdf format and is 29.7 meg in size.
  Download time will vary based on your Internet connection speed.
  I downloaded the file this afternoon and briefly looked through it. It appears to have
  some excellent detailed descriptions of the command sets to include cabling, connectors,
  connector pin outs, alignment instructions, receiver IF frequencies, part numbers and
  a boat load of valuable information for those who are into the ARC-5 command sets.
  It appears to be complete. However, I can't be sure. Even if it's missing a few pages,
  the information contained in the file is quite valuable for the command set users.

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