parting out various units

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Thu Feb 22 17:00:54 EST 2007

I have acquired a number of different "boat anchor"
units that have either already served as "donor" units
for several of my projects or that are beyond any
reasonable efforts to restore.  As such, I will have
all sorts of parts available for sale or trade.  Let
me know what you need.

Here are the units:

Heath DX-40:  Virtually complete.  I have already
restored the cabinet (paint, replacement crystal door,
etc.) which is of the early version which has the
small rubber feet like the DX-35.  Meter works but has
a crack in the cover.

Heath MT-1 Cheyenne:  Various bits and pieces
available since I have taken 2 parts units to make 1
good unit.  Have the cabinet.  Do not have the dial
but I do have reproduction dials available.

Heath MR-1 Comanche:  Same as MT-1.

Hallicrafters S-19R "Sky Buddy":  Virtually complete. 
Missing knobs and bottom plate.  Otherwise anything
else should be available.  Dial is in "fair" to
"fair-" condition.

Hallicrafters S-40 (not "A" or "B").  Virtually
complete except for most knobs missing.  Dials are
pretty "cruddy"!  Cabinet definitely needs repainting.

Hallicrafters S-40A:  Virtually complete except most
knobs missing.  Cabinet has been painted a really ugly
blue but is complete and can be repainted.

Johnson:  Have large cabinet used on the Valiant, 500,
Pacemaker, etc.  Has a large round hole cut in the
back for a fan.  This can be covered with a flat plate
and look fine.  Also still have bits and pieces left
over from a Pacemaker and from a Valiant.

National NCX-3:  Still have bits and pieces including
a cabinet which is in excellent condition.

Project radios:

Yaesu FRDX400 receiver:  This receiver is basically
tube type and covers 160 meters through 2 meters (has
built in converters for 6 meters and 2 meters that
work into the 10 meter sections).  This receiver "sota
works"!  I can get a signal through it on 160 meters
although the frequency calibration is not correct.

Yaesu FLDX400 transmitter:  This is a tube type unit
that covers 80 through 10 meters SSB, AM, and CW.  I
have never put AC power on this unit so cannot say if
it works at all or not, but assume that it doesn't

The Yaesu units sold/trade as a package, I won't
separate them.

National RCQ receiver:  This receiver is an NC-100
variant and was built in 1947 for the CAA (Civil
Aeronautics Authority - forerunner of the present
FAA).  It has a squelch circuit (relay operated) that
can be used to keep the audio shut down until a signal
is received.  Covers 200 to 400 KHz and then 1.3 MHz
to 30.0 MHz in a total of 5 ranges.  I don't have the
accessory speaker for this unit.  It lights up and did
receive the last time I turned it on several years
ago.  In good condition, I just haven't had the "urge"
to restore this receiver.

Parts are for sale and the Project Radios are either
for sale or trade for other boat anchors.

Glen, K9STH


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