HQ-170 part needed and cleaning advice needed.

Kevin Thomas kg9il at SBCGLOBAL.NET
Mon Jan 1 18:16:48 EST 2007

Hi all!
Been working on a HQ-170 today. Symptoms were no audio out but the meter
deflected when I turned the calibrator on. Traced it to an open on the
input side of the audio isolation transformer T29. I have a schematic
but no manual/parts list. Can anyone give me an idea of what this part
is?   Does anyone have a basket case with a good T29 in it? 
Also on the vernier dial the capacitor does not turn or it slips when I
turn the large knob. It looks like there is some sort of ball
bearing/reduction drive in there? Any tips on cleaning/repairing it so
it works again? 
Lastly, this baby is DIRTY!  I have heard horror stories about giving
Hammarlunds a bath. I have been successful in the past with other makes
by using a pressure washer turned down a bit with warm soapy water, then
putting it out in the hot summer sun for a few hours...any advice here?


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