HQ-170 part needed and cleaning advice needed.

john johnmb at NC.RR.COM
Mon Jan 1 18:24:38 EST 2007

At 06:16 PM 1/1/2007, Kevin Thomas wrote:

>Lastly, this baby is DIRTY!  I have heard horror stories about giving
>Hammarlunds a bath. I have been successful in the past with other makes
>by using a pressure washer turned down a bit with warm soapy water, then
>putting it out in the hot summer sun for a few hours...any advice here?

Hi Kevin,

Yes, don't do that, would be my suggestion.

A damp sponge and some time will do an equally good job without potentially 
ruining something in the process (would be easy to do with a pressure washer!).
It's not going to take that long to do it carefully, as opposed to flailing 
away with a pressure washer!  Hammarlunds are no different from any other 
radio,,,, if they're dirty, spend some time and clean it up...it's worth 
the effort, and you wont wreck anything

It's a good receiver... and it will look good with minimal effort... congrats!

John k5mo 

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