Tube Pullers

Mon Jan 8 18:35:02 EST 2007

Thank you to everyone who answered.  Wow... what a bunch.  (wow too... 
what a bunch of jokers)

Well guys, I used to use all kinds of tube pullers in the 50s, 60, 70s 
and even 80's.  It's been a few years since I've had to pull tubes.  
Since I have become an AVID Boatanchor repairman, tubes are a part of my 
every day life now.  While working on Boatanchors, even turning off the 
gear, the tubes are hot, in tight spaces, slippery and just plain "hard 
to pull out".  Have you ever "flipped" a tube and it lands on the floor 
or somewhere hard so it breaks?....... hmmmmmm  

I got my wifes "lid opener"... and it works good, but in tight spaces 
plus add my fat hand, it's hard to pull them ESPECIALLY when they are 
hotter than a pistol.

SO.... even if you say, "you will break tubes with the tongs" (scissor 
type).... I used them all those years above and NEVER broke a tube.  So 
I want the scissor type AND the rubber tube type as well. 

Some suggestions:  use rubber tubing.  GOOD idea...  take a 7 pin, 9 pin 
and an Octal tube of typical size to the store and buy some rubber 
tubing that the inside diameter fits over the tube a bit loose.  (plus 
any other tubes you typically pull)

There is even a Chinese handcuff type... I'm told it works good too... 
seems like I used one years ago... can't remember for sure though.
Anyway, THANKS you guys.... even the jokers.... HI.

Bob  W5EUQ  Tampa

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