Dee Almquist w4pnt at HIGHSPEEDLINK.NET
Fri Jan 12 14:50:52 EST 2007

Afternoon Fellow AM'rs

Comming up to finish.... A COMPLETELY REFURBED Valiant-1. I really have
been thru EVERYTHING on this rig!! I spared nothing. In addition, the
audio is all new complete TURBO modulator this time using 6146Bs. At 150
watts output it will do over 100% modulation. So lots of "head room". Set
up for hi Z mic like a D-104 or a Heil freq response of audio 150hz thru
approx 8khz (from sig generator). There is more than I briefly discribe
here that has been done to up  grade power supplies (SS HV & LV) & RF.
Works well on all bands. Finished off with new panel & cab so it looks
BTTER than new. I have some pics if you are serious.

Price: $1400. plus you have to arrange to PU for I will not ship. Maybe I
can arrange a PU @ Howard Mills although I'm just 2 hrs down I-81
Waynesboro, Va. from his shop.

This may be my last Valiant-1 that I will sell. I have no more buildable

Some have asked if I will do some trading. I might if you have the right
thing. Remember, my specialty is Johnson, some Collins, R390(A)s,
Hammarlund 180(A)s, National NC-303s, etc. NO JUNK.

I am looking for an REMOTE AUTOMATIC ANTENNA TUNER capable of 300 watts
for my home shack.

Best 73

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