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kd4e kd4e at VERIZON.NET
Fri Jan 26 17:56:19 EST 2007

OK, everyone take a deep breath and don't get too
angry but the HamGyver in me says "consult the

I happen to have a matched set of good 2SC2879 power
transistors in the junkbox.  Would they serve well
as a replacement for the dual 6146's in the '77

> The 77 handbook  pg 405 transverter isn't the one with the compactron in 
> it. It's solid state driving 6146's.  That compactron version  might 
> make a good spring project here.
> Anyone seen the reference for the compactron version?
> Tnx
> Greg
> in sunny Feenix
>>> Hi Bry - the transverter circuit was in the ARRL handbook in the late 
>>> 1960's and early 1970's if I recall.  Used a compactron in the 
>>> converter as a mixer with no RF stage and a 6146 final. Don't recall 
>>> the other tubes and can't get to it in the garage. Their might have 
>>> been some similar ones in the ham magazines also. This setup for me 
>>> replaced a homebrew 6L6 transmitter with a Gonset G-66 mobile 
>>> receiver. What an improvement!!
>>> Dave N7RK
>> Just found it on Page 405 of my 1977 ARRL Handbook.
>> This one runs a pair of 6146's for 100W PEP Output
>> in AB1.  I suppose a switch could be wired to select
>> AB1 or C biasing?
>> It uses a 10M IF, the Dentron used a 80M IF but
>> folks strongly recommended the conversion to a
>> 40M IF.  I am uncertain which is to be preferred
>> and why.


Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E
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