FS: Heathkit EK-2B - two receivers & original manual

kd4e kd4e at VERIZON.NET
Mon Jan 29 01:08:26 EST 2007

I have two Heathkit EK-2B receivers, an external speaker,
and the original Heathkit EK-2B manual.

The EK-2B is similar to the Heathkit AR-2, an early
70's AM/SW receiver with a BFO.  Black material covered
cabinet (similar to AR-2 and AR-3), front panel white
and green w/green & cream knobs.  Receiver is built
in stages: power supply, oscillator, audio amp, etc.
to learn how each section works.  They all have internal

One of the receivers has been completely assembled,
one has only been partially assembled.  All of the
remaining parts for the partially assembled receiver
appear to be present.

The completed receiver is in fair cosmetic condition.
Only one cabinet is available - it is in fair condition.
I also have a matching sloped front external speaker,
looks good except for light scratches on front.

Everything is sold untested/as-is, ask questions and
view pictures.

I was going to completely disassemble the partially
assembled receiver and then re-assemble it from scratch
as if new.  You could do that or just complete the assembly.

I'd strongly prefer to sell the whole setup locally,
to encourage that I am asking only $65. for everything
to a local Tampa-area buyer (Or, if the $65. is pre-paid
I will deliver the whole package to HamCation in Orlando
Saturday, February 10th.)

Heathkit EK-2B Partially Assembled, in very good condition
with not-yet-installed parts, a cabinet in fair condition,
and the Original Manual for $65. shipped

Heathkit EK-2B Assembled in fair cond. $15. shipped
Heathkit sloped-front Speaker in good cond.  $15. shipped

(May need help with shipping to high cost shipping areas)

PICTURES upon request.

We hope to sell our home and 10 acres here in FL
and thus are reducing "non-essentials" for the move.


Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E
Projects: http://ham-macguyver.bibleseven.com
Personal: http://bibleseven.com

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