Allied Electronics Data Handbook available for download

Deane McIntyre dmcintyr at UCALGARY.CA
Wed Jan 31 11:24:05 EST 2007

Due to the very positive response I received when I made the 1951 GE
Essential Characteristics - Receiving tubes book available for
download earlier this week, I decided to also scan the Allied
Electronics Data Handbook.

Several years ago, Walt VE6DA who lives near me here in Calgary AB
had a garage sale, where I brought his old copy of the Allied
Electronics Data Handbook, 4th Edition, 4th printing, 1965. As the
subtitle, Formulas and Data Commonly Used in Electronics, indicates
this 88 page book contains just about every formula you would need
in homebrewing tube gear. Also tube sub charts and math tables
(logs, trig functions) for the occasion when you misplace
your slide rule in the shack.

The information here can be found in many other places, but in this
handbook one can find everything in one place!

Available for download as PDF files at



Deane McIntyre VE6BPO

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