FS: Radiomarine AR-8506B for Restoration with Manual

Dennis Wade sacramento.cyclist at GMAIL.COM
Sat Jul 7 19:18:38 EDT 2007

Good Afternoon,

       I am putting up for sale my Radiomarine AR-8506-B receiver.  It
covers 85 kc to 550 kc and 1.9 mc to 25 mc in 5 bands.  Its a 10 tube
superhet designed for shipboard service.  It has a tag on it that says
"Standard Arizona" and "removed 3-22-68".  It does not have the shock
mounts or cabinet...it apparently came out of a rack.  Manual is a
photocopy of average quality (readable), with schematics and alignment

       I've applied power to it and I hear some hissing, but no
signals.  It shows its age with some corrosion on the chassis, but I
believe it will restore with some work.  I simply don't have the time
to devote to it, and I want someone with the time and interest to take
the job on.

Price:  $175.  Buyer to pay for foam-in-place packing and double
boxing on about 65 lbs (unpacked).  Shipping would probably be by
FedEx ground from 95608.

       I can supply photos to serious prospects only, please.  Send me
a note if you would like pics.

            Thanks for looking.

Dennis L. Wade
Carmichael, CA

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