BC-640 parts

Scott Johnson scottjohnson1 at COX.NET
Sun Jul 15 20:12:20 EDT 2007

Anyone out there have a BC-640 parts unit from which I could get some parts?

Specifically, I am looking for two of the plate pilot light assemblies 
(red) that are on the PN-11A power control.  Also from this panel, I need
the metal guard that covers the four plate and filament switches.  On 
the PN-8B (final deck) I am looking for the original RF output terminal 

I am also still searching for the system level TM for the BC-639/640, 
all I have right now is a crappy schematic for the BC-640 from the old 
surplus schematics
book by Grayson.

If I can find these items, I will have a very nice example of a BC-640B 
that will be on 2M AM very soon!

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Scott W7SVJ

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