INFO Needed: AN/USM-25A O'Scope

Richard Arland, W3OSS richard.arland at VERIZON.NET
Wed Jul 18 14:56:45 EDT 2007

A good friend of mine is Internet Challenged, therefore, I offered to post 
this to several of the MilCom and BA lists in hopes of turning up some info 
on a piece of test gear that he has sitting in his basement.

He has an AN/USM-25A Oscilloscope that is apparently TM/TO complete. The 
last PMEL sticker says 1960. It is in great shape and he is wondering if 
anyone might need one of these for their collection or test bench. He has no 
idea what it would be worth, but he assures me that it is in extremely nice 
cosmetic condx and it works. It is apparently in the 50-60 pound class, so 
shipping costs will be pretty healthy.

Please reply to me directly, off-list, and I will forward your remarks 
directly to him for action.

Vy 73,

Rich Arland, W3OSS

"Cogito, Ergo CQ"
("I think, therefore I Ham")
(with apologies to René Descartes, 1596-1650) 

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