Looking for a Specific Vibroplex Bug

Gary H. Harmon, Jr gharmon at IDWORLD.NET
Thu Jul 19 15:16:35 EDT 2007

I know it's a long shot but......A good local friend of mine was asking me
this morning about a bug to go with his Harvey Wells equipment.  He
mentioned he had his grandfather's sounder, hand key and pocket watch but
not the bug.  It's a Vibroplex with a chrome base and has "Buck" engraved in
the base.  If anyone has this bug and would like to sell or trade it for
another bug please let me know.
Thanks in advance and 73, gary
Gary H. Harmon, Jr. / K5JWK
6003 Archwood
San Antonio, TX 78239-1504
210.657.1549 - home / 210.884.6926 - cell
"Retirement means everyday is a Saturday, except Sunday"

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