[Premium-Rx] Sort of OT-but fascinating

Ed Tanton n4xy at EARTHLINK.NET
Wed Jul 25 21:09:25 EDT 2007

Nuts? It depends. Personally, I have never simply bought-to-invest. Back when we had more $$$ by far than we do now, I was pretty quick to buy something (within reason) that caught my eye-but for me it was always some piece of equipment that I had admired at one time or another-with a few smaller pieces of test equipment to sort of complete some notion I might have about a 'set' of this or that.

But... if the numbers on this thing were accurate, it probably is worth SOME serious $$$. THAT serious I don't know, but as an investment, it might not be such a bad idea. Problem with everything along those lines is that the original price has to be cool, and I am not so sure that the price this thing had reached could ever be called a good investment.  But, it sure was purty.

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