Power vs BNCs

Ed Tanton n4xy at EARTHLINK.NET
Wed Jul 25 21:22:18 EDT 2007

I have had, for several years, a very nice Waters 369A Reflectometer. It is
basically an SWR/power meter, with 2 vertical meters, with a switchable
maximum FWD Power scale of 200W or 2000W. The thing is: it uses BNC
connectors. Does anyone have any idea what the deal is? I am under the
impression that BNC connectors aren't capable of that much. Much less most
of the cables you would have BNC connectors on. I do understand there are
some TFE cables that would probably take it, but still it just seems

While I normally run a great deal less than 1KW, I DO have the capability,
and was thinking about using it since my old meters had an unfortunate
accident involving 1/4 inch of kitchen sink/garbage disposal/dishwasher
'water' all over them for over a month while I was recovering (DEC 2005)
from heart surgery. 

Thoughts, comments???

Ed Tanton
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