Swapping old CQ magazines

Bob Krassa bob at KRASSA.COM
Mon Jul 30 11:15:48 EDT 2007

I am trying to complete my collection of CQ magazines through 1970.  I have 
a "wanted list" and I have a number of duplicates to swap.

Wanted:  All of 1945
                Jan and Sep 1947
                Nov 1950
                July and Sep 1951
                Feb and May 1952
                Feb, July, Oct & Nov 1953
                June & July 1960
                Nov 1965

Duplicates to swap:
                1946 - June, July
                1949 - Jan,Feb, Mar, June, Aug and Nov
                1951 - Jan (back cover missing), Feb, Apr
                1952 bound volume
                1954 - Jan thru June, Sep, Dec
                1956 complete except missing Sep and has  extra Oct
                1958 - complete but with 9 little holes along the spine 
where they were bound these do not extend into the text
                1960 Nov

Please no offers to purchase at this time as these are trading stock. Also, 
please e-mail before mailing anything so that I can confirm I still have the 
ones you want.

73 Bob Krassa KC0TDS 

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