KWM-2 / PM2 cables

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sat Jun 2 23:23:59 EDT 2007

I was asked to see if I could make cables with
right-angle plugs to use with the KWM-2 / KWM-2A when
the PM-2 power supply is connected.  A search of my
connector supplier shows that right-angle plugs are
available.  However, these plugs do NOT have the metal
shields that the connectors I presently use have. 
But, if I remember correctly the original cables
supplied by Collins Radio had injection molded plugs
so the connectors that have plastic shells that I can
obtain should work fine.

These right-angle plugs are just over 1/2 inch high
from the metal ring which connects the shield of the
cable.  This should work fine with the PM-2 and KWM-2

The cables would have the right-angle plug on one end
and a "normal" shielded RCA plug on the other end (to
"fit" the "other" equipment properly).  I can make the
cables using the right-angle connectors for an
additional $5 per cable set.  The price increase
covers the cost of the connectors plus the additional
time it is going to require to install these "new"

Remember that I am going to have to increase prices
for each "set" of cables $5 on 1 July 2007 because of
a 31% increase in price of the connectors that I use. 
That will mean for orders received after 1 July for
cables using the right-angle connectors will be $10
more than what they are right now.

You can find the list of prices on these cable kits at
the following URL:

The price list is the 2nd "link" from the top.

Glen, K9STH


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