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Mon Jun 4 09:24:26 EDT 2007

I am posting this from a broadcast listserve that I am on:

Unless I get some interest, I am going  to cut up and salvage a 
Bauer FB-5V 5 KW AM transmitter, vintage 1969.  The factory test data 
were signed "F. Bauer."  The wire harness work is exquisite, and there 
was a separate meter for almost everything.  The unit is located in 
Baton Rouge.

I have a huge history with this unit; it was the first 5 KW AM rig I 
ever worked on, when I became the CE at its station in 1977.  I have 
been involved with the engineering at that station for most of the 
intervening years, and now they have hired me to demo the site, as they 
have lost their lease and will be diplexing with a sister AM.

This unit was in standby service until a few weeks ago and it wouldn't 
take much to make it right.  The biggest problem is that it has had some 
rust get in it, as it is ventilated to the outdoors through a tightly 
sealed vent hood that tended to draw moisture back in when the TX's 
blower was not running.  For a long time after it became an aux (1984), 
I kept the blower motor running 24/7 to prevent this problem--I even 
rigged it so the blower would run without the filaments--but eventually 
some other engineer decided otherwise and shut off the blower--and now 
we've got some rust inside.

I hate to see it go, but I have no real use for it.  I do have room to 
store it, though; if anyone wants to preserve a piece of broadcast 
history, or needs a vintage 5 KW tube rig, call me TODAY and I'll try to 
save it--just pay for our labor to move it to our storage unit, and come 
& get it soon, and it's yours.  Otherwise, I'm salvaging the RF 
components and cutting the chassis up with a torch.

Mike Patton.
Michael Patton & Assoc.
12231 Industriplex Blvd, Ste C
Baton Rouge, LA  70809
225-752-4189 ofc
225-756-3343 fax
225-266-9745 cell
"Enjoy the Sound"

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