Dee Almquist w4pnt at HIGHSPEEDLINK.NET
Fri Jun 15 09:52:09 EDT 2007

Morning Folks
I have a panel set that has never been mounted (new refinish) that is
available to any one interested. Price..... lets talk! Normally, I get
$300. for this set but this one is some what of a problem for me. The gray
color is darker than usual due to a primer bleed thru. I was using a
DuPont etching primer back some yrs ago & this panel set has been just
sitting there, ignored. What to do with it? Its perfect except for the
slight off color. This may not bother you for its not off that much. This
might be an opportunity to dress up your favorite Ranger-1 for little

One condition; I must have in return your old panel providing its in good
shape, no rust or holes.

I might do some trading. Am interested in a Ranger-1 or 2 meters that are
clean & working, other Ranger parts (transformers), or a 150 watt auto
antenna tuner.
73 es Dee

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