FS: B&W 850A, Collins Radio, Mil Stuff, National and Other Goodies

David Hollander n7rk at COX.NET
Thu Mar 1 18:29:25 EST 2007

Here are some items for sale.  Prices do not include shipping.  I will 
ship overseas.

B&W 850A Band-Switching Pi-Network Assembly..........$90 plus shipping
This network is for a homebrew linear amplifier using a 4-1000, a 3-1000 
or a pair of 4-400's or similar. This network will cover 80-10 meters 
and will match a plate load impedance of 2500-5000 ohms. I used one of 
these in the 4-1000 amplifier I built in the 1990's. This unit is in 
good shape with no arcs or burn marks but the Lucite supports for the 
coil need to be glued back in place. Age causes these to dry out and 
come loose.

US Navy Collins Radio MBF VHF Transceiver (6 Meters)......$150 plus shipping
 From what little info I found this is a VHF Transmitter/receiver (US 
Navy); 60 to 80 MHz; Power output is 5 watts on AM phone only. Power 
requirement: 110V DC/AC. This one has a couple of 6 meter crystals in 
the socket so I would assume it has been tuned down to 6 meters. The 
unit appear to be in pretty nice shape. The insides also look very good. 
I fired it up using a cheater cord. It had audio with bad hum so it 
needs new electrolytics. Includes the mike shown in the picture and a 
schematic. I do not have a power cord.

ITC Multi-2000 Vintage All Mode 2 Meter Transceiver...$125 plus shipping
This is a vintage 2 meter transceiver from the mid 1970's. This was the 
Cadillac of 2 meter radios in it's time. This radio will work SSB, CW 
and FM from 144 to 148 MHz. Power output on FM is 10 watts and 1 watt in 
the low power position with 15 watts PEP on SSB. Cosmetically, the radio 
looks good but needs some cleaning. The insides of the radio look good. 
 From a working standpoint, the receiver works and I listened to FM and 
SSB signals while checking the unit out on my workbench. With a Bird 
watt meter, I measured 10 watts out and 1 watt in the low power position 
using the test button. I did not have a microphone so I was unable to 
check the status of transmitted audio. None of the dial lights are 
working so it probably has a bad connection on the bus line going to the 
dial lights. Includes the original manual, the original advertising 
brochure and a photocopy of the service manual.

AN/URM-120 Wattmeter with Manual.............$175 plus shipping
The URM-120 will measure forward and reflected RF power from 10 watts to 
1000 watts within a frequency range of 2 MHz to 1 GHz. Three plug-in 
coupler detectors each rated to cover a portion of this frequency range 
come with this unit. The plug-ins are as follows: * 2-30 MHz, 50, 100, 
500, 1000 watts, * 25-250 MHz, 10, 50, 100, 500 watts, * 200 MHz - 1 
GHz, 10, 50, 100, 500 watts. This is a military surplus unit. It was 
last calibrated in 2001. I did check this out on the HF frequencies and 
the readings are comparable to my Bird 43 wattmeter. The unit looks to 
be in good shape. The case is missing the latch. Includes a photocopy of 
the manual.

Courier Twenty Three+ Vintage Tube CB Radio.....$100 plus shipping
This is an all tube 23 channel unit which looks to be from the mid 
1960's. The unit looks very nice cosmetically. I do not have a 
microphone so I was not able to fully test the transmitter. Since this 
requires a microphone to be plugged in to make the receiver operational, 
I jumpered the microphone connector. The receiver works and I was able 
to pick up signals on several channels with a piece of wire. I jumped 
the mike connector to put the radio into transmit and was able to get 5 
watts out on my Bird wattmeter.

304TL VT-129 Tubes - NOS....$75 per tube or $140 per pair plus shipping
These tubes were made by North American Philips. These are NOS tubes. I 
have no way to test them other than check filament continuity.

Rare” National Radio NC-45.............$100 plus shipping
This is an 8 tube receiver made from 1941-1945 covering 550 kHz to 30 
MHz. Most models made were made the NC-45 which is an ac/dc receiver. 
The NC-45A has a transformer operated power supply. This radio does work 
and receives signals on all bands but it really need to be recapped and 
aligned.   The insides look OK but also need to be cleaned up. I do not 
have a manual but they are available from several sources on the web. I 
will include a schematic.

73 and thanks for looking.

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