Johnson maroon paint

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Mon Mar 19 19:24:44 EDT 2007

When dried the paint matches the sample from a Johnson
Pacemaker.  My local Sherwin-Williams store has been
matching paint for me for several years and, so far,
has been "right on" including colors for several
National receivers, several Heath including the DX-40
gray and the Apache green, and the Collins St. James
Grey and both colors on the S-Line.

Now I generally use a satin finish which comes pretty
darn close to the original finish used on most boat
anchor equipment.

Now both Sherwin-Williams stores that I deal with
(especially the larger) provide paints to all sorts of
Dallas, Texas, area telecommunications manufacturers
and auto body shops.  They even had a "perfect" match,
off-the-shelf, for the gray used on the Collins KWM-1
which is different from any other paint that I have
ever seen on any other amateur radio equipment.  It
seems that one of their major accounts just happens to
use that particular shade and it was even available in
locally loaded spray cans that they keep in stock.

Now both stores do not match the paint while I wait. 
It usually takes at least 8 hours if I am really
"lucky" and get the paint the same day.  Normally it
is the next day before I get the paint.  They
definitely dry the paint and check it against the
sample before calling me to come get the paint.

Now I definitely do NOT trust the paint departments at
Lowe's, Home Depot, WalMart, Sears, etc. to get the
colors correct.

Glen, K9STH

--- GARY ELLIOT <k7ox at> wrote:

Be careful with any of these computer matched paint
from Sears, Home Depot, SW etc.  When I wanted to
match the paint for a Viking I which is different then
the normal Johnson paint on the Viking II and onward
the paint that they mixed was not even close after it
dried.  I ended up going to a custom auto paint place
that took the time to get a perfect match with a
acrylic and the cabinet came out perfect and then I
was able to lightly over spray the 122 VFO.  There is
a difference in the early 122 VFO's that were first
introduced with the Viking I and the latter 122 VFO's
that were produced after the Viking II came along.

Glen, K9STH


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