ARRL changes: League dumps threat to AM

Bry Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sun Mar 25 07:51:13 EDT 2007

Thanks, Paul - excellent commentary from WA3VJB...

The threat to operators of old tube AM and CW rigs is 
somewhat diminished.

To expand and explain slightly - the part they DO want to keep...
They now propose to destroy only ten meters, perhaps figuring 
that since there has been a long sunspot minimum, no one 
will be paying attention...

Wa3VJB wrote

> The ARRL, a small, non-profit publishing company in
> Newington Connecticut, has abandoned a threat to
> impose a system of bandwidth segregation on the
> various modes and activities on HF below 10 meters.
> In an email to the club's volunteer administrators,
> Dave Sumner, the company's highest-paid, unelected
> staffer, seems to have acknowledged the overwhelming
> opposition arrayed against his group's plan the past
> several years.
> The threat to AM was specific and unquestionable -- it
> would have imposed the first-ever, numerical
> constraints on bandwidth without providing a means for
> licensees to ensure compliance and ward off
> unwarranted complaints from those who do not
> participate in this mode and activity.
> The scheme would also have characterized AM as a
> "footnote" that otherwise would not be in compliance
> with their misguided system of bandwidth segregation.
> Sumner wrote, in part,
> Quote
> Regulation by bandwidth rather than by mode of
> emission remains controversial below 28 MHz because of
> perceived potential impact on established operating
> patterns, so these proposals were removed from the
> list with one narrow exception.
> Those who subscribe to the ARRL can pursue the full
> text, which contains several insults and additional
> patronizing language to those of us who dared to
> question the scheme their group tried to slip through.
> Keywords:
> --And for the truly paranoid
> --don't know all the facts
> --making their complaints and threats
> --have other motives
> It is important to note that the club continues to try
> to sneak through the small, remaining portion of their
> scheme that opponents had not, until now, chosen to
> challenge.
> Fresh opposition remarks about the fraction the League
> continues to push are now being filed and accepted on
> the FCC's Electronic Comment Filing System.
> The latest challenges join the carefully considered,
> well-reasoned arguments that gave the ARRL a severe
> spanking and refuted that group's earlier threat to AM
> that they now have abandoned.
> This appears to be the system of feedback the group in
> Newington prefers.
> Paul/VJB
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