FT990 problems

Bry Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Tue Nov 6 07:53:06 EST 2007

Hello all,

I just bought an FT990 and am experiencing some problems...

Most of the time, the MODE SWITCHES do not appear to work right,  
and  some other controls too.

I can select LSB, USB, FM or RTTY only.
CW and AM and PKT do not work when pressed.
Sometimes the RTTY mode will allow signals to be heard
and the filter comes up as 2.4 kHz. If you press 2.0 kHz
it stays there and will not go back to 2.4 kHz and all the signals 

Am I doing something silly here?

The RF FSP switych lights up, but the other three next to it do not.

The DOWN button works but the UP one does not.
The 3.5,  7,  18 and 21 MHz band switches do not work.

The bands that DO work, all wake up in 2.4 kHz filter setting
but if you change to 2.0 kHz you can then ONLY select 500 Hz 
or 2.0 kHz and all signals disappear.

Sometimes there are slightly different combinations of problems.

Also - the carrier offset seems to be messed up.
USB and LSB are filtered wrongly. One is all highs the other 
is all lows.

I suspect that is to do with the switches under the lid for 

I suspect the radio may have had a bump in shipping.
It is cosmetically fine and the seller assured me it was 
working properly.

Now I am having some doubts!

Ideas from anyone with experience on this radio? I would 
really appreciate hearing from you...

73 - Brian Carling, AF4K

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