FT990 Problems

Mike Lewis mlewis at DIGITALGLOBE.COM
Tue Nov 6 10:35:49 EST 2007


I am not specifically familiar with the 990, but I would not think you
are asking it to operate in some strange way when just trying to change
modes or bands. If the FT990 has sat around unused for a long time,
maybe it is simply a case of dirty contacts on the switches. If some of
the switches switch multiple signals, and only some of the contacts are
switching, it could probably put the radio into some interestingly
strange (and basically non-operational) modes. Did the seller say the
rig had been operational right before he sold it to you, or did he say
it worked the last time he turned it on at some point farther in the

Maybe not your problem, but with older ham gear especially if it has sat
unused for a while I have seen these kinds of issues.

Good luck,



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