Has IARU 2008 Killed Ham HF AM?

Jim Bromley, K7JEB k7jeb at COX.NET
Sun Nov 18 22:59:33 EST 2007

>> U. S. amateurs are governed by FCC rules and NO
>> changes are to be made on 1/1/08. In the U. S.,
>> there are no phone bandwidth restrictions. The
>> Region 2 voluntary band plan is primarily for
>> Region 2 countries who have very little or no FCC
>> type equivalent organization.

kd4e wrote:
> That's the clarification I was hoping for, thanks!

> Hopefully the ARRL will not again try to persuade
> the FCC to make such changes.

> Hopefully it is a closed issue.

One has to wonder why other Region 2 administrations
simply couldn't follow the lead of the FCC and adopt
the same set of regulations governing the Amateur
Radio service.  That way there would be interoperability
between all Region 2 amateurs.  If other Region 2
administrations codified the IARU bandplan into their
regulatory frameworks, US and Canadian AM operators
would find themselves alone in being able to, for example,
operate DSB AM on 160 meters.

Jim, K7JEB

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