Shipping older radios & insurance claims

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Hi Doc, kd4e,
Your thoughts are certainly different than your packing.
Remember that banged up National I received from you!
Tubes not removed.
No rain bag.
Exterior protected by 1/2" of foam.
Not doubled boxed.
The insurer laughed at the packing.

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We learn how to pack things so they cannot break them.

Most of the damage is the result of careless packing.
I pack *assuming* shipper abuse.

Here are my thoughts ...

1.  Tubes should be removed and wrapped individually
     or the tube area packed with bubble wrap or
     newspaper (no popcorn) to keep tubes in their
     sockets and to prevent vibration damage.

2.  The exterior of the device should be bagged in
     case the shipper leaves it in the rain.

3.  The exterior of the device should be protected
     with at-least 2" of semi-soft packing which form-
     fits the device and provides a pillow-like cushion.

4.  This all goes inside the first box.

5.  Between the first and second box should be 2" of
     semi-rigid packing such as blue or pink wall
     insulation that comes in sheets.

6.  Large power supply transformers should be removed
     unless the chassis is specified by the manfacturer
     as OK to ship with the transformer mounted (many
     were not - the chassis were insufficiently rigid).

7.  Unless packed in separate interior boxes, and those
     boxes separated by semi-rigid insulation, power
     supplies should be shipped separately and not in
     the same box as a rig.

8.  Display glass and tuner ceramics should be stuffed
     to minimize vibration damage. (I have speculated
     that freight flights are using steeper takeoff and
     landing and perhaps non-pressurized cargo holds.
     Trucks may be running with extra air in the tires -
     all to improve fuel efficiency - but which increase
     stress on package content.)

Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E

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