Shipping older radios & insurance claims

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Tue Nov 27 01:43:24 EST 2007

On the "old" FedEx ground waybills there was a place
that you had to list the contents.  However, on the
new ones there is no place to list the contents.

I ship by FedEx ground all the time and, so far,
haven't had a single damaged shipment including some
received items that were VERY poorly packed.

I cannot say the same thing for UPS because anything
that goes through their Mesquite, Texas, hub (Dallas
area) get vibrated so bad that even hardware comes
loose in many cases.  This is even if the package
itself is undamaged.  However, I have even had wood
crated items come in with considerable damage to the

One time on an outgoing shipment UPS ran a fork lift
"tong" through the box and still tried to claim
"improper packaging"!  That got them nowhere!

Glen, K9STH

--- Rinkie & Ron Pollack <rinkies at ROADRUNNER.COM>

As far as the disclaimer for unusual old and valuable
items:  A couple of posters made the comment that they
accepted the higher premium for the insurance. 
However, I don't think that FedEx asks about nature of
the contents when insurance is purchased, but perhaps
they should!  Could be wrong about this, tho!

Glen, K9STH


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