FT 990 progress

Bry Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Tue Nov 27 05:47:22 EST 2007

Thanks Ray - well, I will keep you all posted about the USPS claim.

Suggestions so far have included contacting my congressman
or getting a good lawyer to write a letter to the Postmaster.

I haven't resorted to either yet...

I wonder if anyone has any actual experience pressing USPS by
those methods after a rig was damaged and succeeding?

As far as FEDEX leaving packages on the porch. Yes in safe 
neighborhoods that is acceptable. If something is valuable enough 
to warrant requiring personal delivery you can always get FEDEX to 
require a signature. It is one of the options the SHIPPER selects 
when they fill out the form. It is YOUR choice if they leave it on the 
porch. As far as throwing it over a 6 foot wall to deliver, that is just 

    Posted by: "Ray Tomlinson" w8pie at yahoo.com w8pie
    Date: Mon Nov 26, 2007 7:16 am ((PST))

Fedx only pays on prodcts shipped. Fedx at my residence in Sun City West
Arizona throws the shipment over the 6' concrete wall to deliver items.
Damage is expected unless package is specifically marked. At least hear in
Michigan they leave it on the porch if no one is home.
  The laptop was just a scam. 
  Thanks for the contact. I will be in Phoenix in a few weeks.

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